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Our Mandate
Like all Local Authorities in Namibia, Oshikuku Town Council’s mandate and functions are regulated as per Namibian Local Authorities Act, (Act 23 of 1992) as amended. The main duties stipulated under this regulation are to provide basic services such water, sewerage systems, public parks, housing schemes, serviced land both for residential and business as well as for institutions within the local authority jurisdiction.
Our Vision
Oshikuku, the most sought after destination for investors, residents and visitors,  where quality of life is guaranteed
Our Mission
Oshikuku Town Council is dedicated to provide quality, efficient and sustainable infrastructural and socio-economic urban services for better and safer living conditions of all its customers.
Firstly, welcome to the official website of Oshikuku Town Council. Oshikuku is a Town located on the Oshakati-Ruacana road (C46) about 30 km west of Oshakati. It is found in Omusati Region and it is also the Administrative Capital of Oshikuku Constituency (seat of the Regional Councillor).
The town covers an area of 793 107 hectares and was proclaimed as Village Council in December 2005 and later upgraded to a Town Council in September 2010. Simply put, Oshikuku is relatively a young developing town.
Oshikuku was the first Roman Catholic Mission station in the former Ovamboland, established in 1924 under the leadership of a missionary the late Archbishop Joseph Gotthardt. Today, Oshikuku is home to a Roman Catholic Church parish and hospital. The town also hosts Nujoma Senior Secondary school, Oshikuku Junior Secondary school, one combined and primary school as well as two private kindergartens. It also has a sub police station; St Martins state hospital, two pharmacies with two private doctors, a post office, ATM for various banks, a fuel filling station and grocery shops such as Shoprite U SAVE, OK Value etc.
The town is divided into locations and suburbs such as Oshikuku Proper, Oshiku, Extension 1, 2, 3, 4 as well as Extension 5,6,7,8 which are currently under planning.
The town has an estimated urban population of 5500 and equally serves most of the surrounding Constituencies with a total of approximately 8000 people. Oshikuku Town Council like other Local Authorities is an autonomous institution which is mandated to provide and maintain municipal services and facilitate a conducive environment for economic growth and development. Since its inception, the Council has invested heavily in economic and social development, infrastructures, quality and affordable urban services for its residents and visitors alike.
Key Facts
 Country:                     Namibia
Administrative Capital: Oshikuku Constituency
Admnistrative Division: Omusati
Time Zone:                   South African Standard Time (UTC+1)
Open Market
Oshikuku Town hosts numerous informal traders and hawkers. End of 2013, the construction of a modern market facility was completed and the majority of street vendors moved to this new facility. The market features numerous open stalls and
several rooms with access to electricity, water and sanitation. The market is expected to increase safety and hygiene of trade in Oshikuku.
Industrial Park
Since 2007, Oshikuku has a government built and managed industrial park, accommodating various SMEs and larger businesses. The facility aims at increasing the town´s manufacturing potential by providing subsidized business amenities, preferably to local small and medium enterprises. Oshikuku Industrial Park was developed by the Offshore Development Company (ODC)
Notable residents
Oshikuku is the birthplace of Liborius Ndumbukuti Nashenda, Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in Namibia. Also, Iipumpu Ya Tshilongo, eighteenth king of the Uukwambi, died here in 1959 and was laid to rest in Oshikuku.